Sun Child, Prince Tut

Sun Child, Prince of Egypt

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The Controversial New Adult Novel about King Tut!

A tale of intrigue, conspiracy, magic and treachery, until just a boy of nine becomes the King of Egypt: King Tutankhamen as we know him.

Venture into the daily life of a Prince of Egypt, Tutankhaten, with his sworn companions, the Children of the KAP, Keepers of the Secrets of the King, Royal and noble children from around the Empire of Ancient Egypt.

And just when you think this tale is just "...a charming children's story...", insidious intrigue intrudes upon the life of the carefree young Prince

The Gods of Ancient Egypt and renegade priests enter the equation.

Magical doings.

Underlying the glorious pageants and the studied worship of the Pharaoh and his family as incarnations of the Sun God, the Aten, runs a river of discontent throughout the Two Lands of Egypt

Then the treachery of a beloved brother tragically begins the end of the reign of the Aten.

Join Prince Tut and his sworn companions on their adventures on the Nile. Discover the "Secrets of the KAP". the 'Secrets of the King', that stretch back into the eons of time.

Eye of Horus

Enter the world of Prince Tutankhaten

The Novel, Sun Child, Prince of Egypt

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