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Check back often, I'll be adding more links for Authors

(These are old links. there's tons more on self-publishing now. things change so rapidly. but I will try to update some of these and add some more.)

More Useful Links

      Software (Non-Affiliated)

      For Mac & PC

        eOwlApprentice logo   eBook Apprentice! The Free Tutorial on creating, publishing and marketing eBooks.

      For PC

        PDF and eBook Converters
        The following converters work only on PC's. Some are very easy to use. Some do not brand your pages in Demo mode. Most are very inexpensive, under $100.
      • Free PDF Converter    Within minutes, you can create and append high-quality PDFs by converting from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and virtually any other printable file type.
      • html ebook compiler    Self-publishing your own ebooks and information products.
      • pdf995  Create PDF documents easily for free. So good Mac users might consider using Virtual PC just to use this program.
      • Learn How To create, publish and market your own e-books
      • pdfFactory for Windows worked well when I tried it on a PC.

      For MacIntosh

      • Print to PDF for Macs   Mac OSX can create PDFs, but sometimes you want more. This is one alternative to expensive Adobe.
      • These pages created with the assistance of SEEdit 1.4 for MacIntosh.
        Has a great PreviewBrowser!madewseedit14.gifNew Versions out now! SEEdit Maxi - XHTML-HTML, CSS and Javascript, RSS. Use as Alternate editor. Versatile. See who uses SEEDit now.

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