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Tales of King Tut

(Previously titled: Children of the Sun)

TALES OF KING TUT, a series of adult historical novels, a story of some of the magical beings who ruled Ancient Egypt for over 3,000 years, the God-Kings of Egypt. The series will take you inside the life and mind of the Pharaoh, King Tutankhamen, who, for thousands of years in his fabulous tomb, outsmarted them all, master tomb-robbers and the Kings who tried to erace all trace of him.

When Howard Carter and his troupe of Egyptian excavators finally uncovered that tomb full of "wonderful things' in the Valley of the Kings in 1922, the world fell in love with the tragic young king.

But that was just the beginning of the mystery and controversies that have surrounded King Tutankhamen and his tomb of priceless treasures.

Sun Child
Prince of Egypt
Book One

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      • Introducing Prince Tutankhaten
        Seven Sample Chapters

        The first seven chapters encompass the first day, a very busy day, as we join Tutankhaten in the life of a Prince of Egypt.

        At dawn on the Nile, a gang of boys on papyrus boats hunt ducks, geese, and herons.

        A very young boy seems to be their leader.

        We follow the boys through some of the rigorous training Royal children receive in the palace of the king, though they make it seem easy.

        A couple encounters with an older brother reveal a brotherly competition that could prove fatal.

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  • Who's Who in Tut's Egypt
      • A Confusion of Faces and Names

        So many characters, so many long names and nicknames, can be quite confusing to those not familiar with the era and the people of Ancient Egypt.

        To help you figure out who many of these characters are, and to put a face on the most prominent, the Royal Family, I have put together a gallery of faces, and a glossary of their names, nicknames, roles and relations (Some are arbitrary assignments for lack of more precise info, ie. the Princesses).

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The Scorpion Queen

  • Book Two
    • The plot thickens and excitement builds. Egypt has a new King! The Lord of the Two Lands,"The Living Image of the Sun", "Lord of the Many Manifestations of Re", Tutankhaten! NebKheperuRe! Life! Health! Prosperity! "May you live millions of years... " from his Wishing Cup.

      But there are those in Egypt who are not overcome with joy. There are those who not only wish both the King and his Queen to pass on to the Land of the Dead, but will do much to accomplish that.

  • Exciting Adventures
    • Perhaps a Sneak Preview of The Scorpion Queen, work-in-progress, could be in the offing.

      Progress on The Scorpion Queen: well into first draft.



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